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Mike Mascia mbm4 at
Sun Apr 27 21:13:18 EDT 1997

	I am a PhD candidate in environmental policy at Duke University in
the United States, focusing my research on the governance of marine protected
areas (MPAs) in the Wider Caribbean.  My (political science) dissertation
research design hinges upon my ability to make a qualitative assessment of
the ecological impact of MPA establishment on the 'protected' marine
environment at a number of Caribbean MPAs.  Unfortunately, I have only been
able to identify two or three MPAs that meet this criterion. 

	Does anyone know of any Caribbean MPAs that have been monitored well
enough to permit a qualitative assessment of the effect of MPA management
(based on change in percent coral cover or other reef indicators) to be made? 
I would appreciate any help (suggested references, contacts, etc.) that
members of the list can provide me. 

	While I would obviously prefer to base my assessments on
peer-reviewed research, I am interested in any and all secondary source
ecological data that might provide the basis for assessment.  Furthermore,
temporally sporadic data collection and inconsistent data collection methods
are not necessarily a problem for me in my research, as I am interested in
comparing these indicator data in a purely qualitative manner.  I am also
interested in any unpublished monitoring data that might permit an assessment
to be made.  (Please let me emphasize that my use of ecological monitoring
data will simply be as a springboard for my social science analysis, and
should not interfere in any way with publication of these ecological data in
natural science journals.)

	Again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

	Thanks in advance.

Mike Mascia

PS  Please reply directly to me rather than to the entire list.  If 
there is sufficient interest, I will post a summary of all responses to 
the list.
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