U/W digital (video) cameras

Erik Meesters meese000 at goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
Mon Apr 28 02:52:22 EDT 1997

Dear List members,

Regarding my request for information on experiences with using digital video
cameras underwater I've had a reasonable number of responses.

There appear to be quite a lot of people interested digital recording. So,
in stead of cluttering the list with every single message I receive, I will
make an overview of the responses in a couple of days and post it on the
list (including a list of contributors).

So please, if there are more people that have bad/good experiences, tips,
etc about the use of digital cameras (including digital photo cameras) under
water, then send an email to me personally (I'm sorry about the horrible
address, but you can copy and paste it too).

Have a good week,

Dr. Erik Meesters
Institute for Physiological Chemistry		
2nd Floor Department of Applied Molecular Biology		
Johannes Gutenberg University
Duesbergweg 6, 55099 Mainz
Ph. 49-(0)6131-395210
Fax 49-(0)6131-395243

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