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Tue Apr 29 11:50:16 EDT 1997

This is a summary of the information obtained in response to my inquiry 
(original copied at end of message). It is a laundry list, in the order 
that mail appeared in my directory. I am surprised that the search turned 
up so little by way of evaluative information and invite further response 
along these lines.

Sincerely, William Allison (Bill)

That electrical reef enhancement began with Wolf Hilbertz working in St 
Croix 20 years ago who later worked at Discovery Bay and then with Tom 
Goreau in Negril. Apparently, in addition to accretion of CaCO3 on wire 
mesh, the growth of coral recruits, or individuals attached to the 
frames, is enhanced by the electric potential.

Goreau in the Caribbean, and the French and Germans in the Gulf of Aqaba.

The people involved are, I believe Wolf Hilbertz (Germany) and Tom Goreau 

The SCORE concept (undefined but I assume this is the technique) was 
presented on the BOOT exhibition in Duesseldorf as our participation 
within the activities of the IYOR. The reply was broadcast so I assume 
the reader has it all).

Randy Edwards at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, Florida, tried the
electrical technique that you mentioned.  You can reach him at
redwards at

Paper has very recently been publised in Marine Ecology Progress Series. 
It's titled: New coral transplantation technology-options for reef 
rehabilitation by P. van Treek and H. Schumacher. I don't know the exact 
issue and I don't have meps, so good luck.

I think it is Thomas Goreau and associates, but I do not have his 

Be careful: at least 20 years ago when those electrical precipitation 
experiments were being done in St. Croix, what was initially being 
precipitated was not just calcium carbonate but rather a mixture of
aragonite and brucite (Mg(OH)2) because the pH was being raised locally 
in the vicinity of the mesh.

Original message:
Hello. I understand someone has been using electical energy to
precipitate calcium carbonate onto wire mesh t enhance reef accretion.
Rumours abound here in Maldives, but no hard facts as yet. If you have
been doing such work please contact me about it. If anyone has
cost-benefit information about this approach, I would be pleased to learn
of it also.
Thank you and please respond directly and only to me.


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