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Dear coral listers
maybe I can help with some of the confusion concerning accretion
1. The accretion technology was invented by Wolf Hilbertz
2. Since a few years also Thomas Goreau is working with it together with
Wolf Hilbertz.
3.Our reef ecology group (Helmut Schuhmacher University of Essen) is
working with electrochemical accretion since 15 years.
During the last 5 years I did research on artificial reefs in the
northern Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea).
On the basis of our findings we developed a concept to create artificial
underwater parks as substitute habitats for recreational diving and reef
restoration. The options of the method is much broader but regarding the
impact of diving tourism on coral reefs our SCORE concept focuses on
that mainly. 
Please find attached a scribbeling paper of the SCORE Underwater park
(Word 6.0).
The presentation of the SCORE concept was the contribution of the reef
ecology group of Essen University within the framework of german
activities in the IYOR.  
4. some publikations (no complete list) meeting the technology including
our recent work on transplantation of coral nubbins are:

Hilbertz W (1992)Solar generated building material from seawater as a
sink for carbon. Ambio 21:126-129
Schuhmacher H, Schillak L(1994) Integrated elektrochemical and biogenic
deposition of hard material- a nature like colonization substrate. Bull.
Mar Sci 55:672-679
van Treeck P, Schuhmacher H (1997)Initial survival of coral nubbins
transplanted by a new coral transplantation technology- options for reef
rehabilitation. Mar Ecol Prog Ser (in press) 

Comments are welcome, 
Yours Peter

Peter van Treeck, 
Institute for Ecology/ Dept. Hydrobiology	Phone: 0049 201 183 3112
University of Essen, 45117 Germany		fax:	0049 201 183 2529
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