Bleaching & spawning archives

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Fri Aug 8 12:20:08 EDT 1997

Greetings Coral-Listers,

	This is just a reminder that bleaching and spawning notices which
are circulated to the list are also saved at our archival sites:



The format of the files is such that a "b" at the beginning of the
filename denotes a bleaching record, or an "s" for spawns, with the
remaining numbers representing approximate year, month and date (e.g.,
YYMMDD).  If two records occur on the same day, a letter may be found at
the end of the filename (e.g., b970808b.dat designates the 2nd report on
this date, August 8, 1997).

	I encourage you to report any witnessing of these events (both
types of which appear to be upon us in Florida, at this time), as the
compilation should prove valuable to researchers in the future.  If at all
possible, please also include any records you may have which reflect
existing environmental conditions up to and at the time of the events
(e.g., temperature, salinity, moon phase, tide, species name(s), etc.)

	Thank you very much.



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