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As has been reported from Flordia and now the region off the Sea of
Cortez...bleaching from high SSTs.  Tuesday we had noted from the HotSpot
product, being produced experimentally by NOAA/NESDIS from satellite data,
exceptionally high sea surface temperatures...possibly being augmented by
the incredible El Nino in the eastern tropical Pacific...might be causing
some bleaching along the Mexican coast near Baja, etc.

You can link to the site [at home, so do not have Hotspot URL committed to

thru "experimental Products" and "coral reefs" to the "New Coral
Reef Hotspot" product.

Let us know if the areas affected coincide with the yellow/orange regions
depicted on this week's chart...updates on Tuesday/Saturday.

Al Strong

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On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Hector Reyes Bonilla wrote:

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> Subject: Bleaching in mexico
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> 	Dear list-suscribers:
> 	I would like to know if any of you have noticed, or heard, about 
> coral bleaching in the Pacific coast of America (especially Mexico) in 
> the last months. We have noticed the beginnings of what seems to be a 
> future and serious bleaching in three localities near the mouth of 
> the Gulf of California, and want to follow this problem in detail. 
> Thanks in advance for any comment.
> 	Hector Reyes
> 	UABCS, Depto. Biologia Marina
> 	La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

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