Northeast Regional Animal Behavior Meetings- call for papers

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 		Marine Biological Laboratory
 		Woods Hole, MA 02543
 		October 3-5, 1997

 Keynote Address: "Do Clark's nutcrackers have cognitive maps?"
 Dr. Alan C. Kamil 
 University of Nebraska

 Local Hosts: Jennifer Basil, Frank Grasso, and Roger Hanlon
 Sponsored By: Boston University Marine Program 
 and the Marine Biological Laboratory


 	DEADLINE for RECEIPT of Abstraction and Registration
 			Sept 3, 1997
 	We encourage you to contribute to the scientific sessions by
 	presenting a talk or by preparing a poster. Anyone may present
 	either type and we especially encourage student
 	participation. The research reported at an Animal Behavior
 	meeting is expected to adhere to all ABS animal care and
 	welfare regulations.    

 Mail Inquiries to:
 	c/o Dr. Jennifer Basil
 	Boston University Marine Program
 	Marine Biological Laboratory
 	Woods Hole, MA 02543
 Or EMAIL us at:
 	basil at

 	Participants are urged to pre-register by returning the form
 included with this announcement for receipt by Sept. 3rd. Registration
 fees are $20.00 for students and post-docs and $30.00 for faculty. A
 $5.00 charge will be added to on-site, and late registration (received
 after Sept. 3rd). A registration and information desk will be located
 in Swope Conference Center on Friday from 5-10pm, and in Lillie
 Auditorium from 8:00-8:45am on Saturday. 

 Your registration package (received by us by September 3, 1997) must include:
 	1. Completed Housing and Pre-Registration Form, (below),
 	2. Non-refundable Check or Money Order for full registration
 		amount, room and board,
 	3. 2 copies of your abstract(s)  (see instructions) in
 		hardcopy (one on reverse side of registration form,
 		one on a separate piece of paper), 
 	4. Abstract on 3.5" IBM compatible disk saved as Word For
 		Windows or flat ascii text file. 
 	5. Stamped, self-addressed postcard or envelope for
 		acknowledgement of receipt. 

 Please make checks payable to Jennifer Basil and Frank Grasso (with
 "NERABs" written on "Memo" line on check) 
 Return registration/housing/abstract/disk to:

 	c/o Dr. Jennifer Basil
 	Boston University Marine Program
 	Marine Biological Laboratory
 	Woods Hole, MA 02543

 NERABs 1997 Pre-Registration Form
 Registration Information:
 Name ____________________________________________________
 (Your name as you would like it to appear on your name tag)
 Address ___________________________________________________________________
 Telephone: 	Daytime:___________ Evening:____________________
 e-mail address_______________________________________________
 I would like to give a TALK______ POSTER______
 Presentation Needs: ___ carousel slide projector  __overhead projector
 ____video (circle VHS or PAL)	____other:______________________ 
 Are you willing to chair a session? ______
 Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped (if U.S.) postcard or your
 e-mail address so we can notify you of the status of your talk or
 Pre Registration -Fees:
 				Faculty		Students/PostDocs
 Registration:			$30.00		$20.00		=_______ 
 Housing: (Choose one)
 	___  Full Package 	$200.00		$180.00		 
 	(Shared Room: Fri and Sat night; 6 Meals: Fri dinner-Sun lunch)	
 	___ 1 night Package:	$100.00		$90.00			
 	Check one:	__Fri 
 			__Sat (Each includes 3 meals, see below)=_______ 

 Meals Only (No Housing):
  	Per  day:		$60.00			$60.00	
 						X ____days	=_______ 
 	If one day only, check one:	__Fri Dinner-Sat lunch 
 					__Sat Dinner-Sun Lunch) 
 						ENCLOSED TOTAL:  _______ 

 	___ Check here if you prefer vegetarian meals.

 Checks should be made to: Jennifer Basil and Frank Grasso (with NERAB
 in "memo"). All checks/ payments are Nonrefundable 
 Onsite registration and registration  received after Sept 3 will be
 subject to the following rates: 
 				Faculty		Post-docs/Students
 Registration:			$35.00		$25.00	
 Housing Package:		$220.00		$220.00
 Housing 1 night:		$110.00		$110.00
 Meals Only/day:			$60.00		$60.00	

 Tentative Schedule
 	Registration			5-10pm	Swope Center
 	Cocktail/Dinner		5-7pm		Swope Center
 	Reception		7-whenever	Meigs Room,Swope
 	Breakfast 		7-8:30am	Swope Center	
 	Registration		8:00-8:45	Lilly Auditorium Lobby
 	Contributed Papers	9-10:20		Lilly Auditorium 
 	Break			10:20-11	Lilly Auditorium Lobby
 	Contributed Papers	11-12:00	Lilly Auditorium
 	Lunch			12:00-1:00	Swope Center  
 	Contributed Papers	1:00-2:30	Lilly Auditorium
 	Break			2:30-3:00	Lilly Auditorium Lobby
 	Keynote Address		3:00-4:15	Lilly Auditorium
 	Al Kamil "Do Clarke's Nutcrackers Have Cognitive Maps"
 	Lab Tours/Poster Setup	4:15-5:30	Labs/Swope
 	Cocktail/Dinner		5-7pm		Swope Center
 	Posters/Reception	7-whenever	Swope/Meigs Room
 	Breakfast		7-8:30am	Swope Center
 	Contributed Papers	9-10:20		Lilly Auditorium
 	Break			10:20-11	Lilly Lobby
 	Contributed Papers	11-12		Lilly Auditorium
 	Lunch			12-1		Swope Center
 	Excursion		1-whenever (TBA)

 	All oral papers will be 20 minutes (15 min for presentation
 and 5 minutes for questions and discussion). Posters should be legible
 from a distance of at least 4 feet.  
 	Pre-registration and payment must accompany an
 abstract. Please check the appropriate space for oral talk or poster
 on the registration form. Abstracts are required for both oral papers
 and poster papers (see instructions below).  Abstracts will be
 compiled in a booklet form for all registrants. Note that the deadline
 for receipt (not postmark!) of the abstracts is September 3,
 1997. Direct ALL inquiries to: Dr. Jennifer Basil, (508) 289-7506,
 basil at No FAXED or LATE abstracts will be accepted 
 	Instructions for preparing an abstract: All portions of the
 abstract must be typed entirely within a 3" x 7" rectangle, such as
 the one below. Single space, leaving no top or left margins. Use a
 minimum of 10 pt type. Please send (1) two hard copies and (2) the
 identically formatted abstract on a 3.5" IBM-compatible disk, with
 your name, the title of your paper clearly printed on the label.  Your
 abstract(s) should be saved to this disk as an MS-Word for Windows
 v.6.0 or lower file, or a flat ascii text file. 
 	A good abstract accomplishes several objectives. First, it
 gives the purpose of your research so that others not familiar with
 your area of research will understand why you did what you did and be
 able to put your work into a broader context. Second, your methods are
 briefly summarized. Third, your key findings are provided. Finally,
 your conclusions and ideas about their implications are presented. The
 abstract is the only exposure that many people, including NERAB
 participants in other session, will have to your work. Make it as
 informative as you can. 

 	Housing is available at Swope Conference Center, right on the
 Marine Biological Laboratory campus (see housing forms). There are
 also a number of hotels within walking distance of the Marine
 Biological Laboratory  (Sands of Time: (508) 548-6300; Nautilus Motor
 Inn: (508) 548-1525; Sleepy Hollow Motor Inn: (508) 548-1986).  A bit
 further out in Falmouth (you'll need a car) are the Quality Inn (508)
 540-2000, and Admirality Inn (508) 548-4240.   
 	Meals will be available at the Swope Conference Center (see
 housing forms) but you must register for the meal plan in advance to
 receive the meeting rates.  In addition, there are also a number of
 restaurants in Woods Hole that, of course, serve seafood, but they
 also serve  vegetarian food, burgers, etc. There is also a great pub
 in town, the Captain Kidd. 
 Onsite registration and registration received after Sept 3 will be
 subject to the following rates: 
 				Faculty	Postdocs/Students
 Registration:			$35.00		$25.00	
 Housing Package:		$220.00		$220.00
 Housing 1 night:		$110.00		$110.00
 Meals Only/day (no housing)	$60.00		$60.00	

 	Car: See attached maps and instructions. Parking areas are
 outside the Swope center, where participants can be house and meals
 are served (see attached map of the Marine Biological
 Laboratory). Parking is free in MBL lots for participants, and permits
 can be picked up with housing materials. 
 	Air: Woods Hole is approximately 1.75 hours from Boston (Logan
 Airport) and 1.5 hours from Providence, RI (T.F. Greene
 Airport). There is regular bus service directly from Logan to Woods
 Hole via Bonanza Buslines. There are also small flights from Boston
 and Providence to Hyannis airport, 25 miles from Woods Hole. If you
 fly to the meeting, we suggest taking the Bonanza Bus to and from
 Logan. It is convenient (they take you right to your terminal) and
 costs about $22.00 for a round-trip ticket to Woods Hole. 

 From The North:  Take Interstate 95 South which will take you around
 	Boston. South of Boston take Route 24 South Towards Taunton
 	and Fall River to Interstate 495.  Follow Route 495 to the
 	Bourne Bridge (It becomes route 25 two exits before the bridge). 

 From the West:  Take the Mass Turnpike (Interstate 90) to Route 495
 	South. Follow Route 495 to the Bourne Bridge (It becomes route
 	25 two exits before the bridge). 

 From the South:  Take Interstate 95 North to Interstate 195 East. At
 	the end of Interstate 195 take Route 25 East to the Bourne
 	Bridge (do not take 495 North). 

 FROM THE BOURNE BRIDGE:  Take the Bridge across the Cape Cod Canal.
 Follow Route 28 South to Falmouth.  In Falmouth Rt 28 becomes a local
 route.  When Rt 28 bears left into Falmouth continue on Woods Hole
 Road.  You will see a sign that says "Woods Hole 4 Miles".  When you
 reach Woods Hole bear right at the Bank of Boston (away from the
 Ferries) and continue across the drawbridge.  After the Drawbridge
 your first right (if you don't count parking lots) will be MBL St.
 The Swope center is at the end of the street.  Park along MBL street
 (metered) and enter the Swope.  At the front desk you can ask for a
 parking pass and directions to the appropriate parking lot.  Meeting
 registration will be handled in the Swope on Friday Evening.  Later
 registration will be in the Lillie Auditorium Lobby.   

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