Fires Of Indonesia & Reef Affection?

Don E Baker dbaker at
Mon Aug 25 08:12:41 EDT 1997

Hello Coral-L,

We have been experiencing smoke haze in the Kota Kinabalu / P. Gaya area 
[if not all of Sabah] for the past few weeks. Visibility is less than 5 
kilometres at times.

It appears that this may be causing a type of "greenhouse" affect, 
whereas air & sea temperatures may be on the rise.  Some of the shallow 
water corals at P. Gaya are fading in color as well.  

Though the nations of Indonesia & Malaysia are "talking" about this 
potentially serious ecological problem, no action has yet been prescibed 

Any other subsribers to this List wish to comment?  Prior experiences in 
, say, volcanic haze over extended periods of time and coral reef 

Don Baker

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