Judith C. Lang jlang at uts.cc.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 26 10:53:47 EDT 1997

Re: Brighter Prospects for the World's Coral Reefs?
Gregor Hodgson wrote:
>It is great that Science is devoting space to coral reefs, however, no
>doubt a majority of us do not agree with the headline for this story,
>which simply reflects the bias of the news writer who clearly tried hard
>to fit the available info into her own rosy view of the world.

In defence of the reporter: not knowing how much of the article, including
its headline, was written or rewritten by an editor, we really aren't privy
to her world view.

On another matter, and in Gregor's defence: I've received a most moving
letter from a recreational diver which ends, "I find myself wanting to
learn more in the hope I can better explain things to those around me."  If
Reef Check is having a similar transformational effect on other volunteers,
his goal of raising public awareness of the value of coral reefs and of
threats to their health is definitely being achieved.

Judy Lang

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