coral degradation and shrimp farming

Miriam Huitric miriam at
Thu Aug 28 14:45:01 EDT 1997

I am interested in knowing if there has been any research done 
linking coral degradation and shrimp farming (in the mangroves and other 
coastal areas). I have found a great deal regarding nutrient effects 
and eutrophication, and sedimentation effects on corals but nothing 
regarding the outputs from shrimp farming.
The outputs are nutrient-rich, so I suppose the nutrient and 
sedimentation effects must occur, however supposing/assuming is not 
scientifically acceptable. The effluents also contain pesticides, 
piscicides, herbicides, antibiotics and a whole myriad of other 
chemicals whose presence is bound to have an effect on the corals, 
however I need something concrete (in terms of evidence).
I would greatly appreciate any information and can be contacted 
directly at:
miriam at

Thank you.

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