Pictures of Yellow Band Disease

Jan Korrubel korrubelj at
Fri Aug 29 06:58:16 EDT 1997

Hi Coral-List'ers,

My posting about the Yellow Band Disease has drawn a few requests
for pictures.  I have scanned a few and placed them in a sub-directory
called YBD in my FTP directory.  The pictures are in .GIF format and
range between 400 and 130k.  Sorry they are little on the large size - I
trust that it won't impact on folks' access time.
In the directory also resides the text of the paper (CR_YBD.doc  - same
as I posted yesterday, but now in WinWORD 7 document format) and the
file SCANTEXT.txt, an ASCII text file with descriptions pertaining to the
individual scans.

My machine can be reached by FTP'ing to:  or

This will place you in the root of my FTP directory, so change directory
into YBD to get the goods.

Please note that my machine is a mere 486 running Windows NT 4.0 and
therefore there is a limit of 2 simultaneous FTP sessions (read the
welcome message for more info).  If the limit has been reached when
you try access, please try again......  Today being Friday, I'll leave my
machine on for the weekend.

Enjoy.  Any comments / observations are welcomed.

Jan Korrubel
University of Natal
South Africa.

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