Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Tue Dec 30 13:31:16 EST 1997


The coral-list listserver is back up and running, but with a couple of

Over the Christmas Holidays the list unfortunately had a few attempts at
posting malicious messages by pranksters.  To help head this off for
awhile, messages posted to coral-list will be moderated.  That is,
messages sent (as usual) to coral-list at will come to
the coral-list administrator, then resent if appropriate.  Also, new
requests for subscriptions must be approved by the administrator, although
you would continue to request a subscription as before; that is, send the

	subscribe coral-list

in the body of a message to majordomo at

In short, you don't have to do anything different, but your messages and
subscription requests may not be approved immediately.

I hope this is not inconvenient for you and helps to reduce unwanted
traffic (namely, pranksters) on the list.  I hope you will have patience
in the event there are some problems with this new configuration.  If you
have any problems, please direct them to me at hendee at

Here's hoping you have a Happy New Year and a chance to visit your
favorite reef!

	Sincerely yours,

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administrator

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