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Sun Feb 2 20:00:49 EST 1997

I was in touch with Reefwatch in November 1993 and at that time Tim 
Austin was coordinator.  From looking over my communication with them 
(regarding a study of reefs they did in Antigua) it seems that Lynne 
Barratt was on maternity leave at the time and so I would guess that she 
is the current coordinator. Regardless, all I have is Dr. Austin's 
contact info 
which is: Dept. of Biology, Univ. of York, York, Y01 5DD, England, UK; 
tel: (0) 904-432945; fax: (0) 904-432860

I assume being in Florida that you've contact Reef Education Foundation 
(REEF). Earthwatch may have some dive study sites as well.

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