Coordination of GCRMN and Reef Check

Jeremy Woodley woodley at
Fri Feb 21 10:00:31 EST 1997

With respect to co-ordination, how does Reef Check fit in with GCRMN's
three levels (Research, Government & Community)?  Will it be integrated
with the latter, or is it a fourth mode?  

Jeremy Woodley,
Centre for Marine Sciences, University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Gregor Hodgson wrote:

> Coordination of GCRMN and Reef Check
> There are several global and regional coral reef monitoring initiatives
> that have been started, and there is a need to coordinate them to avoid
> overlap and duplication of effort. The two largest programs are GCRMN
> and Reef Check. Both of these programs have the same overall objectives
> of measuring human impacts and natural variation in coral reef
> communities sufficiently to determine their status and trends.
> At this time, we would like to clarify the relationship between GCRMN
> and Reef Check. These two programs were designed to complement each
> other by dividing the available resources. GCRMN is presently best set
> up to work with governments and to make use of monitoring teams composed
> purely of scientists. Reef Check is best equipped to utilize monitoring
> teams composed of recreational divers, led by a marine scientist.
> Therefore, we would encourage all monitoring teams to register
> accordingly with the appropriate program -- scientific teams with GCRMN
> and recreational diver teams with Reef Check. Note that dual
> registration with both programs will also be accepted. Beyond 1997 and
> IYOR, the goal will be to merge these two programs.
> With your help, by the end of 1997, we will have an unprecedented
> synoptic view of the global health of coral reefs.
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