Need a video for IYOR educational program (fwd)

James C. Hendee hendee at
Tue Jan 7 12:07:05 EST 1997

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Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 08:39:34 -0500
From: Tony Rath <trath at>
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Subject: Re: Need a video for IYOR educational program (fwd)

>Dear Mr. Rath,
>I will be very grateful if you find it.  This is my address:
>> >
>> >Rosa Rodriguez
>> >Punta Tulbayab 49, S.M. 24
>> >77509 Cancun, Q. Roo
>> >Mexico
>> >


I've tried to reply to you, but your email address appears to be wrong.
Could you confirm your email address please?

I'll get the video in the mail next week.

Happy Holidays!


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