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Guillermo Moreno moreno at
Sun Jan 19 19:48:42 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues:

We are currently working on a project designed to act as a laboratory aid
for 2nd year zoology students.  The aims of this project are to provide a
lab aid and review tool for the students while at the same time to help
reduce the number of animals used for 2nd year level dissections.  This lab
aid is made up of various modules one of which is echinoderm biodiversity.
We would be very appreciative if any of you is willing to donate your
pictures for this project.  This project will eventually be recorded onto
CD's for use by schools and universities.  

We plan to provide this material at cost to universities and schools in
Australasia and potentially internationally.  The recouped costs will be
used to pursue further projects in this area.

Naturally, copyright of pictures will remain the property of the
photographer and each photographer will be acknowledged with the copyright
on each picture presented with the CD.  

We are, however, trying to find out how to best recognize and provide some
benefits to the many people who have provided resources to the project.
Please inform us whether you would be happy with the following arrangement.

People supplying 1-10 pictures which are used in the final project will receive:

A free CD from echinoderm project 

People supplying greater than 10 pictures which are used in the final
project will receive:

A free CD from echinoderm project and of all future projects associated with
the CAUT initiated group in the School of Biological Sciences at the
University of Sydney.

Our hope is to eventually sell these CD's to recoup costs to allow further
development of this important educational tool.  If you have any slides that
you are interested in contributing please email Guillermo Moreno at
moreno at  We thank you in advance for any assistance on this


Dr. Guillermo Moreno
Dr. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Sydney

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