John Ogden jogden at
Wed Jan 15 09:53:12 EST 1997

Re Letters to the Governor of Florida in support of The Florida
Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS):

On January 28, the Governor and the Cabinet will sign a cooperative
agreement with NOAA to manage state waters (from the shore to three
miles) in accordance with the Management Plan of the FKNMS. 

If you care to, a short ONE PAGE letter urging support of the
Sanctuary and its Management Plan should be sent to:  

Governor Lawton Chiles
Office of the Governor
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399 USA
Fax: 904-921-6311

This is not just a Florida issue.  First, this is a NATIONAL marine
sanctuary.  Second, this is the first try in this country to manage
coastal resources under a comprehensive plan for so-called
"sustainable use."  It will be exemplary to the world (we hope a
GOOD example).  Those of you from other countries with success
stories in coastal management might mention these in the letter.

The Cabinet of Florida also votes: (address The Capitol as above)

Attorney General Bob Butterworth
Fax 904-487-2564

Treasurer Bill Nelson
Fax: 904-488-7265

Education Commissioner Frank Brogan
Fax: 904-488-1492

Secretary of State Sandra Mortham
Fax: 904-922-5763

Comptroller Robert Milligan
Fax: 904-922-2442

Agricultural Commissioner Bob Crawford
Fax: 904-488-7585

John C. Ogden        Director        Phone:  813/893-9100
Florida Institute of Oceanography    Fax:    813/893-9109
830 First Street South               St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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