How to unsubscribe from the coral-list

Gert Jan Gast gjgast at
Mon Jan 27 10:28:00 EST 1997

As recently a lot of persons seem to have problems 
unsubscribing form this list (are we that boring?) a 
little explanation:

If Jim's computer receives a message sent to 
<coral-list at> 
it is automatically relayed to everybody subscribed to the list 
regardless of subject and content.

If Jim's computer receives a message without a subject sent to 
<majordomo at>
it looks if it recognizes the first word on each line as a command 
and does what the sender asked. As you're dealing with a computer, be 
precise (unsubscribe, not unsuscribe). Likewise your address in your 
signature is a "command" this computer can't handle.

The difference is the address: use MA-JOR-DO-MO for commands like 

Sending COMMANDS meant for the listserver to all people 
subscribed to the coral-list does NOT work. You're just bugging far
over 500 people with a ghost message.

If you have a webbrowser (i.e. Netscape or Microsoft Explorer), you
can read Jim's very clear listserver instructions at:

For those who don't have one: 

        To un-subscribe from the list, send e-mail to 
majordomo at, with the following message (only!) in
the body of the text:

        unsubscribe coral-list "Your Name" 

Likewise for a list of known commands send a message to 
<majordomo at> without a subject and only


in the text field.

Sorry to all the people this message wasn't meant for.

Back to work now. Good luck, GJ
Gert Jan Gast <gjgast at NIOZ.NL>
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Department of Marine Ecology
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