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Mon Jan 27 14:15:39 EST 1997


        Following is a message from Jan Korrubel regarding the recently
alerted MDA virus.  Please contact him directly for the fix (it as not
attached, as the file was too long), if you don't have it.


        Jim Hendee


From: Jan Korrubel <korrubelj at math.unp.ac.za>
To: coral-list
Subject:  WORD Macro Virus Killer...

Hi all,

Seems like there are a lot of people who niticed the virus, but none who
are prepared to offer salvation....

Attached is a 72k .EXE file called MVTOOL20.ZIP (Macro Virus Tool version
2.00) dated November 1995.  Seems a little old, but I did an ARCHIE search
and didn't come up with a newer one.....if you have a version 3, let me

It is a self-extracting archive file that, when run, will spew out

Read the README.DOC, but essentially the protection comes in the .DOT file
- it has "good" macros that kill the "bad" ones....  You load the .DOT and
it builds in the protection macros into WORD and then offers to check all
your documents.  Easy.

It told me that the document I was trying to load contained macros that
were potentialy dangerous and guided me to saving the document without
them....Pretty neat.

BTW - I am currently using WinWORD version 6.0 on WINDOWS NT 3.51.

Jan Korrubel

University of Natal
South Africa

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