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Christopher M. Mattia mattia at
Mon Jul 7 22:17:46 EDT 1997

Recently I posted my comprehensive listing of Coral Reef Related
Publications Funded by the National Sea Grant College Program, I have also
now added a listing to my home page that has all coral reef related
projects currently being funded by the National Sea Grant Office.  A simlar
listing for projects funded by the National Undersea Research Program
(NURP) will be posted in the near future as soon as it is finished being
converted to html.

I have also posted the final paper to my Senior Thesis at St. Mary's
College of Maryland  "A Non-Destructive Spectrophotographic Method of
Assessing Relative Changes in Coral Health Utilizing Induced Fluorescence"
on my home page as well.  I am still working on converting the graphics to
the paper, but they will be posted soon.

All of these reports can be found on the projects  NEW URL:

I am currently searching for Graduate Programs in the area of Coral Reef
Ecology so if any of you have any suggestions for me you can contact me
directly via e-mail:  mattia at


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