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Subject: FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT. MarCUBA'97. September 16/20 1997.

4th Congress on Marine Sciences

Marcuba '97

Cooperation in Marine Sciences
 for a Sustainable Resource Management

16-20 September, 1997
Havana International Conference Center

Dear Colleague,

Cuba's National Oceanographic Committee (CON) is pleased to announce that
the 4th Congress on Marine Sciences will be held at the Havana
International Conference Center, on September 16-20, 1997, under the
title Cooperation in Marine Sciences for a Sustainable Resource

The meeting is expected to bring together scientists and managers involved
in marine sciences, services and technologies as well as educators,
sociologists, economists, businessmen, policy-makers and anyone
interested in promoting and integrating marine scientific research to
sustainable development.  To this end, the Congress' aims are:

1.	To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opinions related to
scientific research and technological advances in marine sciences and
services, identifying their current status and level and their
rightful role in economic and social development;

2.	To determine actions providing for better, increased international
cooperation that will take us closer to our common goal of
sustainable management of our marine and coastal resources; and

3.	To provide a suitable forum for debate and experience-sharing on the
development of indigenous capabilities in order to integrate marine
sciences to natural resource management policies, thus contributing
to the sustainable socio-economic development of the countries in the


	National Oceanographic Committee
	Cuban Society of Marine Sciences
	Cuba's National Aquarium
	Fishing Research Center
	Marine Research Center
	Institute of Oceanology
	GEOCUBA Business Group
	Center for Environmental Engineering and Management of Bays (CIMAB)


The Congress is expected to be attended by specialists, officials and
executives from scientific and service institutions, universities,
governmental bodies and organizations, non governmental
organizations, international and national cooperation agencies
related to the sea world and by representatives of the private and
industrial sectors.

Sessions on Specific Topics

1.  Integrated Management of Coastal Areas

Concept and methodologies for the integrated management of coastal
ecosystems.  Assessment of environmental impact.  Maritime tourism as
a way of development and its impact on coastal ecosystems.  Impact of
urban and industrial development on coastal areas.

2.	Management of Marine Resources and Conservation of Marine

Current status of and prospects for local and regional fisheries.  The Rio
Conference guidelines on the precautionary approach to the
exploitation of marine resources.  Projections and prospects for fish
farming in developing countries.  Conservation of marine

3.	Ocean Processes and Global Change

Ocean-atmosphere interactions.  Hydrological and hydrochemical circulation
and regimes.  Ocean processes as related to global change.  Global
change and its incidence on marine biodiversity.  Relationship
between ocean processes and sea and ocean productivity.  Global Ocean
Observing System.

4.	Marine Biotechnology

Projections and prospects for research and development in the field of
bioremediation, medicine and energy.  Biotechnology for the
protection of the environment and resources.  Marine bioactive

5.	Marine Aquariology

Thematic and scientific projections; current and future development.
Technological support infrastructure and modern architecture in the
maintenance of live marine organisms.  Current trends and prospects
in aquariums and their role in environmental education and management
of marine biodiversity.  Aquariums: exhibition-education.  Live
nature and use of artificial elements.

6.	Marine Mammals

Systems and methods for the effective handling and care of marine
mammals held in captivity (and semi-captivity).  Training techniques
and regime of activities.  Preventive and healing clinical and
veterinary care.  Biological and population studies:  design,
methodology and results.

Professional Program

The Professional Program includes master lectures, selected keynote
lectures round tables, workshops and presentation of posters, all
related to the main topics of the Congress.

The Organizing Committee is presently finalizing the program.  Therefore,
the exact titles of different activities will be released after
abstracts of papers are sent by contributing authors.

Master Lectures

A number of prestigious guest speakers will deliver lectures on the
following subjects:

· Integrated Management of Coastal Zones

· Marine Biodiversity in Cuba.  Current Knowledge and Conservation

· Fisheries: Scientific Research and Management

· Marine Resources, Scientific Research and Sustainable Development

· Oceans and Climate Change

· Beach Erosion Processes.  Alternatives for Recovery and Management

· Prospects for the Development of Marine Biotechnology in Latin America

· Pollution of bays and coastal zones

· Marine Aquariums: Science, Conservation and Education

Keynote Lectures

· Influence of land-based sources in the quality of coastal areas
 Dr. Liuba Chabalina (CIMAB, Cuba)

· Pollution: A problem affecting Cuba's coasts
 Dr. Humberto Gonzalez (CIMAB, Cuba)

· Marine biodiversity and sustainable development of the Sabana-Camaghey
 Dr. Pedro Alcolado Menendez (Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Biodiversity and biogeography in the Caribbean region
 Dr. Ana Maria Suarez (Marine Research Center, Cuba)

· Endangered marine species
 Dr. Manuel Ortiz (Marine Research Center, Cuba)

· Coral bleaching in the Cuban shelf.
Lic. N. Capetillo and  Lic. C. Carrodeguas (GEOCUBA)

· Coral reefs: Biodiversity and conservation
 (Marine Research Center, Cuba)

· Marine algae culture.  The case for Cuba
 Dr. Arsenio Areces (Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Circulation in Cuba's north coast.
Ing. J. L. Viamontes (GEOCUBA)

· Hydrology of straits in the Northwestern Caribbean sea
 Dr. Artemio Gallegos (UNAM, Mexico) and Mr. Iván Victoria
(Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Biological indicators in oceanographic processes in the Inter-American sea
 Mr. Roberto Perez de los Reyes (Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Bioremediation in the marine environmental protection
 Dr. Mario Villaverde (Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Use of marine microorganisms in oil biodegradation
 Mrs. Isabel N. Joseph (Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

· Bioavailability of nutrients for shrimp feeding
 Dr. Olimpia Carrillo (Marine Research Center, Cuba)

· Application of molecular techniques in determining marine species
populations of economic importance
Dr. Georgina Espinosa (Marine Research Center, Cuba)

Lecturers will be given 30 min. for presentation and 15 min. for debates.

Round Tables

· Don Felipe Poey Aloy and the Cuban ichthyology
 Coordinators: University of Havana

· Integrated Management of Coastal Zones.  Relationship between
research and management
 Coordinators: Dr. Gaspar Gonzalez, Dr. Pedro Alcolado, Antonio Villasol,
 Angel Chirino (Cuba)

· Integrated management of heavily urbanized and industrialized areas
 Coordinators:  Dr. Liuba Chabalina, Dr. Humberto Gonzalez, Felix Palacios,
Ileana Diaz,  Antonio Villasol (Cuba)

· Sustainable development of maritime tourism
 Coordinators: Dr. Juan Pablo García, Angel Chirino and Rene García
Galocha (Cuba)

· Precautionary approach in the exploitation of marine resources
 Coordinators: Dr. Dalia Salabarría, Carlos Hernández Corujo (Cuba)

· Impact of global changes on the marine environment
 Coordinators: Marcelino Hernández, Nelson Melo, Jorge Viamontes (Cuba)

· Marine bioactive compounds.  Prospects and strategy for research and
 Coordinators: Dr. Justo Pérez, Dra. María de los Angeles Chávez (Cuba)

· Marine environment education
 Coordinators: Mayda Montolio, Dr. María E. Ibarra (Cuba)

· Legislation and legal framework in the management of marine resources
		Coordinators: Lic. Teresa Cruz (Cuba)


· Environmental Impact Assessment in coastal zones and cays (Methodologies)
Coordinators:Miriam Arce, Juan C. Martínez, María Elena de la Guardia,
			MSc., Angel Chirino, Arnaldo Carrasco (Cuba)

· Regional integration and databases of the Inter-American sea
Coordinators: 	Dr. Artemio Gallegos (UNAM, Mexico), Iv<n Victoria
(Institute of Oceanology, Cuba)

Presentation of Posters

Interested authors may present papers on the topics selected for sessions or
on the following:

1.	Marine Biology and Ecology
2.	Fisheries Biology and marine aquaculture
3.	Marine Pollution and  the health of the Environment
4.	Physical and Chemical Oceanography
5.	Marine Geology and Geophysics
6.	Marine Biotechnology
7.	Marine Information: Services and Products
8.	Marine Technologies (remote sensing, instruments, etc.)
9.	Environmental Impact Assessment
10. Coastal Dynamics and Engineering
11.	Marine Sciences and Technologies in Decision-Making
12.	Socio-economic Value of the Marine and Coastal Environment
13.	Application of scientific research on, and systematic observations of, the marine and coastal environment to its sustainable management

The MARCUBA '97 Scientific Committee will decide on the form of
presentation (oral or poster) of contributed papers.

Call for Papers

Abstract Presentation Format.
· Title.
· Author(s)
· Institution, address, city and country.
· A 300-words abstract,  1.5 space typed on a 205 x 280 mm sheet of paper,
leaving a 2-cm margin on four sides.
· Abstracts should be sent to the Organizing Committee by July 31, 1997.

Original papers should be submitted on 205 x 280 mm sheet of paper, leaving
a 2-cm margins on all sides, written 1.5 spaced.  They should be
accompanied by a copy on a diskette (IBM-compatible Word or
WordPerfect 5.1 text processors). It should be used Arial 10 pt. type
letter  Contributed papers should not exceed 8 pages, including
annexes, tables and graphics.  Original Papers to be considered for
the Electronic Proceedings, should be sent to the Organizing
Committee by September 20, 1997.

Posters should be 0.95 wide and up to 1.5 m high. They should include:
introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and

The Scientific Committee will notify authors of the acceptance of their
papers and the form of presentation, without prejudice to the
applicant's participation as delegate.

Working Languages

The working languages at MARCUBA '97 will be Spanish and English.

Registration Fees

 Participant:	US $250.00

Participants who register 30 days before the beginning of the Congress
through one of the Havana International Conference Center's
representative agencies (listed in this brochure) will be offered the
following services: · promotional registration fee of US $200.00 ·
information and advice on the program · delivery of and confirmation
of accepted papers · visa granting
· plane ticket reservation
· booking of optional tours and excursions

Any mail and information requests may be addressed to:

Argelia Fernandez
Secretaria Ejecutiva
IV Congreso de Ciencias del Mar
Calle 18-A No. 4114 e/41 y 47
Playa, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Tel.: 	(537) 29-6014
Fax: 	(537) 24'9987
E-mail:  argelia at

Alicia García
Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
Calle 146 e/ 11 y 13, Rpto. Cubanac<n, Playa
C.P. 16046, La Habana, Cuba
Tel.:	(537) 22-6011 through 19, ext.1514
Fax:	(537) 22-8382/21-8270/21-9496

4th Congress on Marine Sciences
Registration Form

Name: -----------------------------------------------------------------

Surname: -------------------------------------------------------------

Profession: -----------------------------------------------------------

Institution: ------------------------------------------------------------

Address: --------------------------------------------------------------

City: -----------------------   Country: ------------------------------

Tel: ---------------------------------  FAX: -------------------------

E-Mail: ---------------------------------------------------------------

I will present a paper:   ------ Yes       ------- No

Title of paper: ---------------------------------------------------------


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