NOAA/IUCN 52 Reef Stories needs your help

Coalter Lathrop Coalter.Lathrop at
Fri Jul 18 18:07:06 EDT 1997

Dear Coral List Subscribers:

I am coordinating the NOAA/IUCN 52 Reef Stories media outreach campaign during
the International Year of the Reef.  Each week NOAA's Office of Public Affairs
distributes a one-page, coral reef-related media tip sheet to local, national,
and international media outlets in an attempt to raise public awareness about
coral reefs.  Each tip sheet focuses on either a coral reef event (e.g.. Reef
Check), a coral reef issue (e.g.. cyanide fishing), or both.  

See for the first 28 stories.

We are currently over halfway through IYOR and would like your input in order to
develop the final 24 stories.  After viewing the NOAA Public Affairs coral reef
website, if you have any suggestions for additional coral reef stories, please
contact me by e-mail (coalter.lathrop at, telephone (301) 713-2319 x188,
or fax (301) 713-0376.

We plan to do a series over the next month on the effects of land-based
activities (and their by-products) on coral reefs.  If you have knowledge of the
specific effects of 1) sewage, 2) persistent organic pollutants, 3) radioactive
substances, 4) heavy metals, 5) oils/hydrocarbons, 6) nutrients, 7) sediments,
or 8) litter on coral reefs, please contact me.  I am interested in the land-
based activities that produce these substances, and in the specific biological,
chemical, and/or physical effects that these substances have on coral reefs. 
Specific examples are helpful.

Other story ideas that need to be expanded are: blast fishing, anchor damage/
mooring bouys, artificial reefs, coral spawning, coral propogation, and corals
and remote sensing.

All assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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