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A few days ago my promotor R. Bak gave me a print of an abstract 
dealing with a coral extract research. Unfortunately there was no 
name, date or other references attached to it.

A more specific description:

"Aqueous extracts were made from the hermatypic corals Fungia 
fungites, Goniopora tenuidens, Goniastrea favulus, Platygyra 
daedalea, Favia matthai and Pavona decussata. Extracts were assayed 
against three life stages of hermatypic corals namely adults, single 
polyp juveniles (spat) and larvae. They were also assayed against the 
larvae of a polychaete, decapod, echinoid and an ascidian."

Because this field of research has my interest I wanted to know who
has been working with these coral extracts and if there is a
publication of this research. So if anyone knows something more....

Lisanne Aerts.

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