Taxonomic database

Terry Eng teng at
Fri Jul 25 20:28:37 EDT 1997

Hi all,

         Does anyone know of any organization responsible for cataloging
 scientific names? I am interested in knowing who actually officializes
 these names or if they are officialized by the various societies
 with specific groups of organisms, such as an ichthyological society
 with regard to fishes. I feel that such a database would be an
 useful resource if a single one exists. My current question involves
 validity of the nomenclature of the blue mandarin dragonette native to
 the Pacific. I have seen it listed as Synchiropus splendidus but more
 recently as Pterosynchiropus splendidus and am wondering which is the
 official name. Any feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated.

                                                 Thanks in advance,

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