coral reproduction

Gregory Andrew Piniak gap1 at
Mon Jul 28 16:21:58 EDT 1997

i've been using a statistical approach called path analysis to model  
changes in caribbean coral community structure caused by eutrophication. 
part of my classification scheme relies on coral feeding strategies and  
mechanisms of reproduction.  i've been searching the literature for  
information on coral reproductive strategies, and although i've found much 
useful information, i haven't been able to find any information (spawners  
or brooders, gonochoric, hermaphroditic, etc) on the following species:   
madracis decactis, madracis mirabilis, leptoseris cucullata, diploria  
clivosa, meandrina meandrites, dichocoenia stokesi, colophyllia natans,  
stephanocoenia michellinii, mycetophyllia aliciae, mycetophyllia danaana, 
and isophyllia sinuosa.  i realize that the info i'm looking for may not 
exist, but i'd welcome suggestions as to where else i may look...please 
reply to gap1 at  many thanks...

greg piniak

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