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CALL FOR PAPERS:  Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Annual Meeting 1998

Co-sponsored by the Ecological Society of America, American
Microscopical Society, Animal Behavior Society, International Society for
Reef Studies, Julia B. Platt Club, and The Crustacean Society

January 3-7, 1998
Boston Marriott Hotel Copley Place
Boston, Massachusetts

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) will hold its
1998 Annual Meeting, co-sponsored by the Ecological Society of
America, January 3-7 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place in Boston,
Massachusetts.  This meeting will be an educational and research forum
for scientists in the fields of evolutionary biology, ecology, physiology,
and other biological sciences.  The meeting will include ten symposia,
numerous workshops and special programs, and hundreds of contributed
papers in divisional and interdivisional sessions.  These sessions will
feature current topics by researchers in their fields of expertise and
insights into the latest developments.

Symposia featured at the meeting include:

Coral Reefs and Environmental Change-Adaptation, Acclimation or
Extinction?-The symbiotic modular organisms central to coral reef
ecosystems provide a natural laboratory for studying rates, mechanisms
and ranges of adaptation and acclimation.

Evolutionary Biology-This innovative symposium will explore the latest
developments in evolutionary biology. Drs. Lynn Margulis and Stephen
Jay Gould will share their research.

Comparative Embryology of Myogenesis-Certain molecules are known to
play similar roles in myogenesis in different species of animals, but the
details vary phylogenetically. This will be the first symposium to examine
comparative aspects of muscle development.

Aquatic Organisms, Terrestrial Eggs: Early Development at the Water's
Edge-This symposium will integrate studies of algae, invertebrates, and
vertebrates and consider topics such as the physical properties of eggs
and parental care in the intertidal zone.

In addition to symposia, the ten SICB divisions will sponsor up to 400 talks
and posters on an array of topics.  The SICB divisions include: Animal
Behavior, Comparative Endocrinology, Comparative Physiology and
Biochemistry, Developmental and Cell Biology, Ecology and Evolution,
Integrative and Comparative Issues, Invertebrate Zoology, Neurobiolog,
Systematic Zoology, and Vertebrate Morphology.


The SICB Abstract Transmittal Form and Guidelines are available on the
ESA web site at (under Meetings).  To submit your
abstract electronically via the web, you must provide a credit card
number for the $30 abstract processing fee.  If you would like a copy of
the Abstract Transmittal Form and Guidelines mailed to you, please
contact Corinne O'Brien at corinne_o'brien at

For general meeting information or registration materials, visit ESA's
Homepage or contact the SICB Business Office at 401 North Michigan
Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, 312/527-6697, Fax: 312/245-1085, E-mail:
sicb at,


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