Spam (junk email)

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Wed Jul 30 12:03:43 EDT 1997

First, let me apologize for recently forwarding a message which was, shall
we say, a little on the commercial side.  Commercially oriented email is
not appropriate for this listserver.

Second, if you're like me, you sometimes get spam, otherwise known as junk
email, in your inbox.  What some may call junk, the sender may call free
speech; however, we know junk email when we see it.  Following are some
Web sites which may help to control spam at your site:

  Promote Responsible Net Commerce: Help Stamp Out Spam

  Private Citizen

	(Although I think this site is legitimate, some places
	like this reportedly get your email address then add it
	to a junk email list, rather than deleting it!)


  Some of these folks in the list below are the people that provide the
email lists.  You may want to contact them and ask them to remove your
name(s) from the lists.






	I hope this helps.



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