The Coral Reef Game

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The Coral Reef Game

by Manfred Van Veghel, Marianne Prins & Jacqueline Bakker

This board game is developed for Reef Care Curacao as a teacher-free 
educational tool for primary school on Curacao (Netherlands Antilles).
It is a family board-game for 2 to 4 persons and can be played on 
different levels. Players as old as 10 years can play all
levels of the game, while kids from age 3 and up enjoy themselves in
the first round of the game. All kinds of additional variations on the
game are possible, from memory and combination games to `bingo', using
the different accessories included. Kids learn about biodiversity, 
food chains and positive actions to save our reefs.
The directions and chance-card are in English, Dutch and Papiamentu, 
the rest of the game is free of text. In full color, with  artwork by 
Peter van der Wolf.

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