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Thu Jun 5 16:23:20 EDT 1997

The Second International Clean Ocean Conference at the Princeville Hotel, Kauai

The three day Clean Oceans Conference, June 13-15 at the Princeville Hotel,
Kauai, Hawaii, will feature 'Oceans in Peril,' 'Ocean Solutions,' and
'Ocean Fun.'  Each of these themes will be featured throughout the event,
with the overall focus of the event being "1997, The International Year of
the Reef."   The conference is dedicated to the aloha spirit of Percy Leleo
Kinimaka, a beach captain and Hawaiian man of vision.  Workshop
registration is $45.00, films and Dr. Kelly's Ahupua'a lecture are free,
but advance reservations must be made by calling 828-1400.  The June 14
dinner banquet is $60.00 ($75.00 at the door).   Full conference
registration is $195.00.

The breakout sessions will start on Friday, June 13, with Oceans in Peril
being the focus. At 2:30 pm in the Princeville Hotel Theatre Dr. Chuck Blay
will discuss Kauai's Coral / Algal Reefs. He will speak about Kaua'i's
coral and algal resources, and the origin and characteristics of the
beaches of Kauai. Mr. Don Heacock will speak at 3:30 pm, and will address
"A Watershed Stewardship approach to Oceans in Peril!"  and how it involves
caring for the resources from the mountains to the sea.   At  4:30 pm Dr.
Alan Friedlander will be talking about Important Fisheries Studies.  The
results of an extensive 3 year investigation of the fisheries and marine
resources of Hanalei Bay will be discussed.  The nationally acclaimed IMAX
film, "The Living Sea" will be shown at 5:30 pm for conference registrants,
and then again for the general public at 8:30 pm.  Dr. Brian Tissot will
address CommunityBased Management of Coral Reefs at 7:15 pm.   He feels
that Coral reefs are fascinating places and important economic assets,
however, they are being threatened by a variety of human impacts. Community
 based management involves educating and involving the local community in
reef monitoring.

The conference continues on Saturday, with Ocean Solutions being the focus.
Dr. Richard Grigg will start at 8:00 am and will discuss "The History of
Coral Reefs in Hawaii."  This is an introduction to the geology and
development of Coral reefs, the history of coral reefs and the impacts on
nearshore ecosystems.

At 8:30 am Dr. James Maragos is discussing 'The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative.'
The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative consists of volunteer scientists and
community members who assess the status of our reefs with the goal of
strengthening public awareness and education, and ecological monitoring.
Dr. Cindy Hunter will inform us about Video and Coral Reef Monitoring.
Afterwards, Dr. Hunter will teach us about this new and exciting method of
documenting underwater data.

Then Dr. John McManus will discuss the "Status of The Worlds Reef
Reefbase," a global database on Coral Reefs and their resources.  He has
data on over 7,000 reefs of which 2,000 are degraded by excessive
sedimentation, organic pollution, and destructive or over fishing. The most
promising solution is comanagement schemes at the village level and
supported by the government. New volunteer monitoring systems, involves
training divers to gather ecological data.  At 10:30 am Saturday a Panel
Discussion including all the Coral Reef Experts will be held.  Speakers
from the Clean Oceans Conference will answer questions on the topics
discussed during the event. 	This session will last approximately
1 hour and 15 minutes, and will also address questions from the audience if
time is permitting.

Lunch will be held at Princeville Beach at 12 noon, with Mr. Mike Wilson,
chairman of the State Department of Natural Resources as the speaker.  One
of the topics of the discussion will be the concept about corporate
stewardship of ocean resources.  Following lunch is a coral reef monitoring
workshop for people interested in learning more about how this data is
collected, and what the actual procedures are (please bring your own
snorkel gear).  Simultaneously, a group of the visiting scientist will
actually monitor the reef in conjunction with "Reef Check." Reef Check
takes place between June 14  and August 31, 1997, reef scientists will
train and lead more than 100 teams of volunteer divers from 35 countries to
measure the health of more than 300 coral reefs around the world. The event
on Kauai is kicking off "Reef Check," and spearheading a Hawaii effort to
collect baseline information about our reefs.

At 4:30 pm on Saturday, Dr. Marion Kelly will discuss The Hawaiian Ahupua'a
with a Slide Show by Kauai's famous photographer, David Boynton to follow.
"The Kanaka Maoli" or "The True People of this land" sustained themselves
and the environment within the Ahupua'a system. This system governed the
land from the mountains to the sea. The "Ahupua'a, Fishponds , and Loi,"
film, will be shown before this workshop at 3:30 pm in the Hotel theater.
Both the film and workshop are free of charge, but advance reservations are

The evening festivities of Saturday, June 14,  will start at the
Princeville Hotel with a silent auction and entertainment at 6 pm.  The
dinner banquet begins at 7 pm, an Opening Oli and blessing, and ancient
hula by Kani Ka Pahuolohi Okina Au.  The keynote speaker is Mr. Robert
Kennedy, Jr., and he will speak at 8 pm followed by a dedication ceremony
in memory of Percy Kinimaka.  The evening will end with dancing in the
ballroom to the tunes of 'Lips on the move.'

Sunday is Ocean Fun Day, with kayak trips, snorkeling and boat rides
available to event registrants.  Much fun will had in the ocean at Hanalei

Everyone is invited.  For reservations or further information call Melinda
Sandler at 808-826-4581 or 1-800-767-4101.

Carl  :)

 	       Carl M. Stepath, Executive Director
                                "Save Our Seas"
                     P.O.Box 598, Hanalei, HI 96714, USA
                          808-826-2525, fax 826-7770

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