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Date: Thursday, June 05, 1997 5:31PM
IOC, Paris, 5 June 1997
In recognition of the importance of the ocean, the marine
environment and its resources for life on earth and for sustainable
development, the United Nations has declared 1998 as the International
Year of the Ocean.

This provides a window of opportunity for governments,
organizations and individuals to become aware of the ocean and
to consider the actions needed to undertake our common responsibility to
sustain the greatest common heritage we have and without which we
cannot exist.
The idea for 1998, the International Year of the Ocean, came from the
Seventeenth Session of the IOC Assembly (March 1993) which adopted its
Resolution XVII-17, making the proposal. This was endorsed by the 27th
General Conference of UNESCO (November 1993) and by ECOSOC (of the
UN) in July 1994. The UN General Assembly formerly adopted the proposal
through its Resolution A/RES/49/13 (December 1994).
One basic reason for launching the International Year of the Ocean is
that so far neither the governments nor the public pay adequate attention
to the need to protect the marine environment and to ensure a healthy
ocean. Recent global change-related research has clarified the crucial
role of the ocean in our life supporting system, and as part of the Earth
climate system. The importance of the ocean was well recognized during
UNCED 1992. Today, the decision to have the International Year of the
Ocean clearly demonstrates a growing concern about the ocean among

The IOC is now pleased to announce the launching of the webserver for
the 1998 International Year of the Ocean (IYO). The server's URL is:
You will find information on:
Backgound:      Read some history on how to idea for the IYO came about
Objectives:     What is the IYO all about?
Who Does What:  How is the organization and co-ordination for the
IYO arranged and how does it all work?
Activities & Events:  Find here a calendar of the activities
                which are being planned
                = Ocean Charter, Ocean Education, Public Information,
                  Ocean Awards, Conferences, Research & Training Cruises,
Publications, Stamp series, ...). Updates will be made regularly.
EXPO '98:       Visit the website of the EXPO!
Let's Work Together: This section will be YOURS! You have
                anything to tell the world about the ocean? You will
                soon be able to leave your message here on the IYO Bulletin
So visit the IYO server regularly and find out more about the 1998
Year of the Ocean. And take the occasion to visit the IOC webserver as
Gunnar Kullenberg
Executive Secretary IOC

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