Marine Airlifts

Ben Richards blrF94 at
Fri Jun 13 12:53:49 EDT 1997

Dear Colleagues -
	My apologies for any cross posting.

	My advisor and I are wanting to construct an airlift (underwater
vacuum cleaner), such as those used in excavating shipwrecks, for the
purpose of sampling the soft-bottom communities in the Pugett Sound.  Has
anyone out there used such a device?  We would like to construct the
airlift ourselves, so any design pointers you could give would be most
	Along the same lines, we are also wishing to construct a "slurp
gun" for "sucking" small fishes and invertebrates from the water column.
Any design pointers on these would be much appreciated as well.  Thanks in

                                           The Force will be with you, always.
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