Student interested research facilities and/or research assistant position

Mey Akashah (SAR) makashah at
Fri Jun 20 18:33:22 EDT 1997

Dear Coral List Members,

	My name is Mey Akashah and I am a fourth year student at New
College in Sarasota, Florida, where I am majoring in Marine Biology/
Environmental Sciences. I have done coral reef research in Kuwait, in the
Virgin Islands, and in Roatan, Honduras.  
        I am currently conducting senior thesis research on international  
cooperation in the monitoring and protection of coral reefs and would like
information and comparitive data relative to this subject.  I would also
welcome any opportunity to pursue research in a location with access to
centralized data and/or to work as a research assistant or summer intern.
I have completed all the requirements for a Dive Master certification and
am competent in underwater research skills.  If you can help with
information or advice, please respond to this address. 

				Thank you,
				Mey Akashah  

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