cement factory sedimentation

Tim Daw T.M.Daw at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Jun 24 16:44:34 EDT 1997

Good day everyone!

I am writing in search of any information to help with an expedition 
which I am have recently joined, going to Eritrea in September and 
October of this year. We are looking at anthropogenic impacts to the 
reefs around the Port of Massawa and the general health of the 

What I was hoping to learn about is sedimentation effects on corals 
from cement factories which is one of the largest impacts in the 
area. We are hoping to set sediment traps along gradients but I was 
hoping to be able to talk to someone who might have worked with this 

We also have sewage outfalls and an oil terminal and any information 
or being pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Jo Kynoch & Tim Daw
Tim Daw
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University of Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne

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