Phil Dustan pdustan at zeus.cofc.edu
Thu Jun 26 11:38:14 EDT 1997

I'd like to acknowledge John Ogdfen's comments and say that there are many more that could be added to the legacy of JY Cousteau. Those of us that knew him will forever remember him. He was a hero for so many of us. Perhaps we sometimes disdained him as "
not being a REAl marine scientist" but a lot of than was probably out of jealousy, not intellect.
	However- the world has lost a great citizenwho, perhaps more than any other single individual, has connected humanity with its genetic visceral memory of the sea. Might we consider creating a world holiday in his honor on which we would celebrate his leg
acy and work towards realizing his goals of a humanity that has achieved consciousness in ecological harmony with nature.

			Phil Dustan

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