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Phil Dustan wrote:

>I'd like to acknowledge John Ogdfen's comments and say that there are many
more >that could be added to the legacy of JY Cousteau. Those of us that
knew him >will forever remember him. He was a hero for so many of us. 

I've been watching with great interest the activity on the newsgroup
rec.scuba since news of the passing of Jacques Cousteau.  It is moving and
significant how many people's lives he touched.

Never met him.  Knew him only through his TV documentaries but I want to
share with you what I wrote to rec.scuba yesterday about him.

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Keywords: About heroes and staying that way

He was one of my heroes back when I was a kid and managed to stay one right 
up til his death.  Considering the other heroes I had back in the Sixties 
only Jacques Cousteau never disappointed me.

Au revoir and aloha nui loa to the great man.

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