Don E Baker dbaker at tm.net.my
Thu Jun 26 19:47:16 EDT 1997

A Loss Indeed!  Jacques Cousteau passing away.....

I, for one, was inspired to actually make a career in mariculture & coral reef management through the many 
books by JYC that I read in my high school & US Navy days....back in the 60s & 70s.  I am sure there are 
many others all over the World in the same catagory.  

Will Phillipe help fill the same boots...or in a different flavour?

For this...I will be dedicating my new pavilion here at Kota Kinabalu - THE REEF PROJECT - Coral Reef & 
Giant Clam Rehabilitation Centre - to Jacques Cousteau.  Can someone direct me to a pertinent Web Page to 
obtain photos of JY Cousteau for my pavilion?  Cousteau Society?

Upon its opening, THE REEF PROJECT Pavilion information, mission, and invitations will be so noted in this 

Best regards to All,
Don Baker

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