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A forwarded message from Dr. Sandra Vargo, the Florida Institute of
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The Florida Institute of Oceanography operates the Keys Marine Laboratory
jointly with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  We are
presently looking for a laboratory coordinator/manager to be responsible
for overall daily operations at the KML.  We would appreciate it if you
would forward this notice or post it for any persons you might think would
be interested in the position.  The position is a non-tenure track faculty
position at the Florida Institute of Oceanography, University of South
Florida the host university for the FIO.  The University of South Florida
is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.  Individuals
requiring reasonable accommodation to participate in the interview process
should contact Human Resources (813)553-1115, TDD 1-800-8771 24 hrs prior.

                 Keys Marine Laboratory (KML) Coordinator

The Florida Institute of Oceanography/University of South Florida seeks a
manager for the Keys Marine Laboratory located on Long Key in the Florida
Keys.  The KML is a general service education and research center operated
jointly by the FIO and Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
The KML facilitates and supports education and research projects dependent
on South Florida habitats or resources.  The manager is responsible for
coordinating operations and maintenance of the KML on a daily basis.  This
includes, but is not limited to, scheduling facilities (dorms, labs,
holding facilities, boats, etc.), maintenance, repairs, and new
construction.  The manager coordinates 6 staff members and is the
immediate administrator responsible for monitoring expenditures and
revenues, and setting task priorities.  The operations of the KML are
diverse including boat support for field sampling, specimen collection and
transport for on-site and off-site use, a running seawater system for
maintaining organisms for education and research use, laboratory equipment
purchase and maintenance, and public outreach.  A minimum of a Bachelor's
degree in the natural sciences or related fields is required and
preferably 2-3 years experience in laboratory management.  The manager
must have strong organizational skills, the ability to communicate well
both verbally and in writing, skill and experience with small boat
operations, SCUBA use, and experience with subtropical/tropical marine
habitats.  The manager will be employed as a non-tenure track faculty
member by University of South Florida, the administrative host for the
FIO, which is a statewide consortium of the State University System of
Florida.  The salary range is $30,000 -$33,000 depending upon experience.

To apply send your application and the names of three references to:

Dr. Sandra Vargo
Florida Institute of Oceanography
830 First Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida  33701
(813)553-1109 (Fax)

Application Deadline: July 31, 1997

                          KEYS MARINE LABORATORY

     Only Florida among the continental states has a tropical marine
habitat.  Through the State's acquisition of the former Sea World Shark
Institute and subsequent establishment of the Keys Marine Laboratory (KML)
on Long Key, this unique U.S. resource is accessible to researchers and
educators throughout the country.  The KML, purchased through the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for joint operation by the
Florida Marine Research Institute/FDEP and the Florida Institute of
Oceanography/State University System, was formally dedicated in 1989 as a
full-service marine laboratory and education center for programs focussing
on south Florida environments.

     The facility is a two hour drive from Miami International Airport at
mile marker 68.5 on US Route 1.  Within 1/2 hour of the KML are coral
reefs, Florida Bay, grass flats, sandy beaches, mud flats, mangrove
forests, and hardwood hammocks as well as access to oceanic waters of the
Gulf stream and the Florida Straits.

     The KML has air conditioned dormitory facilities accommodating up to
27 people, with cooking facilities.  Local catering service is also
available.  The KML boasts a series of 30" deep interconnected research
and holding pools totalling 548,000 gallons of seawater with flow through
pumping capability in excess of 162,000 gph.  A 15,000 gallon observation
tank and assorted other tanks ranging in size from 1000 to 5000 gallons
are also maintained at the KML.  A classroom/meeting room is available as
well as wet lab/dry lab facilities for both individual research projects
and larger scale education programs.  A limited array of sampling gear and
laboratory equipment is maintained at the KML.  Special analytical
equipment is provided by individual researchers and can usually be
accommodated in secure or restricted areas.  The KML also has a fleet of
small boats which are available to users with KML staff operators.

     The KML staff members have backgrounds in marine environmental
education, expertise in marine animal collecting and maintenance, and
extensive knowledge of local habitats.  They are available for
consultation and help and coordination of both research projects and
education programs.  The staff is happy to assist groups and individuals
in any way to make their program successful and enjoyable.  Use of the KML
is approved upon completion of a Facility Use Request Form which insures
that the education or research needs can be met and that there are no
scheduling conflicts at that this multi-user facility

The mission of the KML is to encourage and support research and education
programs of particular interest or benefit to Florida in this unique
region of the state.  The KML/DEP-SUS operation provides local expertise,
services, and a base of operations which are not otherwise available.
This established infrastructure allows visitors to concentrate on their
work rather than use valuable research or teaching time to locate and
coordinate essential services.

Sandra L. Vargo
Assistant Director
Florida Institute of Oceanography
830 First Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida  33701

Phone:	(813)553-1100
Fax:	(813)553-1109
EMAIL:	svargo at marine.usf.edu

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