Cousteau, facts

Jamie D. Bechtel warrior at
Fri Jun 27 12:27:45 EDT 1997

I would like to apologize to Kerry Clark.  I did not mean to imply that his
specific correspondence was negative and overly critical of Jacques
Cousteau.  My complaint was issued at the general tone of many letters I
have read over the internet. 

Further, having acted as scientific advisor for the production and mass
distribution of eductional products, I agree that there are techniques
universal to the production of 'nature films' and other media that could be
improved upon. Conversation generated about such vitiations is helpful and
I have no doubt that Dr. Clark is qualified to address these issues.

Regarding the use of anecdotes in the healing process:  I too enjoy this
tradition.  However, in such circumstances, my personal preference is to
share intimacies that cast a positive light on the given individual.
Perhaps I choose to do this because, if it were my passing that was the
topic of conversation, I would hope to be remembered for my successes. I
would, of course, hope others could learn from my mistakes (and I have made
many). However, mistakes are part of the learning process.  We are not
learning we are mourning. Perhaps at this time we should not attempt find
security in making JYC more like us but we should strive to be more like

I do not mean to impose my beliefs on anyone.  

Again, my sincerest apologizes to Dr. Clark for any misunderstanding.


Jamie D. Bechtel

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