Viva Cousteau

John F Barimo jfbarimo at
Fri Jun 27 14:25:24 EDT 1997

	JYC definately left a positive impact on my life.  It was those
images during his TV show that hooked me on the underwater realm.  It was
my involvement with Cousteau's Project Ocean Search that provided a
catylist in my transitition from corporate telecommunications engineering
to biological sciences.  I understand the main premise in his work was
that people protect what they love, so he spent his life helping people
fall in love with the ocean.  A romantic vision.  I can forgive his
claims that the oceans were silent, he prehaps even helped
underwater bioacoustics with that notion.

	Captian Cousteau was a global citizen who openly voiced his
concern for the future generations.  A positive role model. 

John Barimo
Graduate Student
Virginia Commonwealth University

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