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Subject: New Department of Environment and Earth Sceince, Gaza Strip (fwd)
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CALL FOR DONTAIONS (books, journals, lab equipment) TO SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTUR 

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed information on our new department, please pass it to 
the people, institutions, assocaitons, charities and other bodies 
intersting in such issues.

Should you have any suggestions, help etc.. please do contact me to the 
address shown.

We still have shortage in laboratories (second hand lab equipment are 
accepted) and library (books, reports, journals, second hand books, 
back issues of journals are also welcome) , computers, software, hardware, 
any help or suggestions in this regard will be very much appreciated.

Providing studentships (MSc, PhD or training courses to our staff) are 
very much appreciated.

IBM and Mac computers are needed for teaching and 
Instruments for water and environmental analysis are also needed
Polarised microscopes,

Transportaion of these materials could be provided for Europe, an agency 
based in London is willing to do the job.

Thanks in advance to all

Mohammad R Al-Agha (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Department of Environment and Earth Science
Islamic University
Gaza, PO Box 108
Gaza Strip

           Department of Environment and Earth Sceince
                      Islamic University
                       Gaza, PO Box 108
                          Gaza Strip
                      Fax +972 7 863 552
                      tel +972 7 863 554
                  e-mail: mralagha at

As a responce to the needs of our society, we have established a new
department of Environment and Earth Scineces in the Islamic University of

The department aims to provide the Palestinian Soceity with the
specialsits in this field. In Gaza Strip we facing escalating
environmental problems, the topmost of which is the Environmnetal
Pollution of the Groundwater. Other environmental concerns are also
present which include the Waste Management either water or solid. Yet
there is no real efforts to solve such problems. Thus the department will
contribute in introducing solutions to such problems. This will be
achieved through teaching, research and training courses.

Teaching is an important process to the department, several courses are
now tought in the department which include:

Envrionmental analysis
Pollution controll
Environmental Impact Assesment
Waste management
Environmnetal Microbiology
Special Topics in Environment
Waste Water
Soil Sciences
Marine Scineces
Remote Sensing

and some other courses related to environmnet and Earth Scince,
analytical and organic chemistry are also within the obligatory courses
which the student must study.

Research is also a priority in the departmental policy, the current
reserach which is now undertaken in the department includes:

Groundwater contamination
Nitrate contamination of groundwater
Environmnetal Management in the Gaza Strip
Environmnetal Impact Assesment constraints in the Gaza Strip
Marine Pollution
Effect of marine pollution on the biodiversity

Future Research topics
Strategic Mangement of groundwater in the Gaza Strip
Coastal and Marine Management
Sustainable management of the natural resources
Pollution pervention

The departmenatal staff are sepecilaised in environmnetal and earth
Scineces and have the motivation to work in building such department from
the scratch. The staff are 4 PhD holders, 2 MSc, and 3 BSc, working as
lecturers, instructores and assistants.

For more information please contact:

Dr Mohammad R Al-Agha (BSc, MSc ,PhD)
Department of Environment and earth Scinece
Islamic University
Gaza, PO Box 108
Gaza Strip
fax +972 7 863 552
tel +972 7 863 554
e-mail: mralagha at


           Institution of Groundwater Resources Management"


As part of the departmnetal strategic planning for the future, the
department has now a proposal to establish an " Institution of Groundwater
Resources Management". This institution will belong to the Department. It
aims to better understand the nature of the groundwater crisis in the
area. Also, it will help to establish a monitoring system for the
groundwater, and to find a sustainable program for groundwater management
and protection. It will help in training of the undergraduate students
and to hold traianing courses to engineers, technisans and other people
intetsted in such issues.

The total costs of the proposal are about 500,000 US$.  Now we are
seeking funding for such strategic project which will serve the community
in protecting its natural water resources and to establish future
policies for groundwater abstraction, recharge and discharge.

We call the international Aid Agencies, Environmnetal Agencies,
Groundwater Agencies, The Health Agenceis,Charities and others to support 
such project which will be of Great Benifit to the Palestinian Society in the
Gaza Strip.

The project could be supported by the cooperation between several aid
agencies, companies, associations and even individuals who are
interseting on environmnetal and health issues.

For more information and for any suggestions, please contact:

Dr Mohammad R Al-Agha (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Department of Environment and earth Scinece
Islamic University
Gaza, PO Box 108
Gaza Strip
fax +972 7 863 552
tel +972 7 863 554
e-mail: mralagha at

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