Mexican Reef Researchers

Carl R. Beaver cbeaver at
Wed Mar 5 10:56:59 EST 1997

Dear All;

We are looking for several reef researchers we have worked with in the past.  Most of these individuals have or are presently active in reef research in the Yucatan or Veracruz areas of southern Mexico.  If you know of an e-mail or mailing address for any
 of these researchers, please pass it along to us at the address below.  Thanks for your help.

Name					Location
Juan Pablo Carricart - Ganivev 		Chetumal, Mexico

Biol. Alfredo Arrellano			
Director Sian Ka'an Reserve

Biol. David Guiterrez
Amigos de Sian Ka'an

Dr, Alicia Gonzalez			CINVESTAV , Merida

Biol.  Humberto Alberto			CINVESTAV, Merida

Humbeto Alvaerz Hernandez		CINVESTAV

Juan Vargas-Hernandez			Veracruz

Luis Sautto

Please forward any information to:  

Carl Beaver
Center for Coastal Studies
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
E-mail: cbeaver at

Thank you

John W. Tunnell
Director, Center for Coastal Studies

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