Seeking Info on storm damage on coral reefs and corals

PUT O. ANG b664714 at
Mon Mar 17 22:31:05 EST 1997

We are developing some models on the effect of disturbance on corals and
coral reefs and would appreciate knowing if you have information on the
effect of storms. What we have found from the literature search are
information mainly on the general effect of storm damage, e.g. percentage
of reef destroyed, different types or growth forms of corals destroyed
etc. What we are looking for are more specific information, e.g. how
diferent growth forms, or species of corals respond to specific
intensity of wave force, physical impact of waves on corals etc. We would
appreciate if you could lead us to relevant literature on this subject, or
better still, if you could let us know where and how we could obtain data
on this.

Thank you very much and please reply to my email address listed below:

Put O. Ang, Jr.
Department of Biology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT
Tel no. 852-2609-6133
Fax no. 852-2603-5646
email: put-ang at

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