William Alevizon-Fax or E-mail address (fwd)

Fernando Tempera ztempera at fc.ul.pt
Tue Mar 18 16:50:56 EST 1997

I´ve tried to find an E-mail address or a Fax number for Dr. William S. 
Alevizon using several methods but till now I got nothing.
Can anyone help me?
I know, some years ago, he was associated with the Department of 
Biological Sciences (Florida Institute of Technology). However, a couple 
of days ago, I´ve looked up the homepage of this Department and the name 
of Dr. Alevizon seems to be nolonger in the list of scientists.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Fernando Tempera

P.S.: Please answer to this E-mail address: <tempera at dop.uac.pt>

Fernando Tempera
Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas
Universidade dos Açores
Cais de Santa Cruz
9900 Horta

E-Mail: Tempera at dop.uac.pt

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