Effects of aereal exposure on coral reefs

Fernando A. Zapata Rivera fazr at biologia.univalle.edu.co
Wed Mar 19 06:11:32 EST 1997

Hello everyone:

	I am a marine ecologist from Colombia. My students and I have
recently been working on the effects on corals and coral community
structure of aereal exposures during extreme low tides in the Colombian
Pacific. We are trying to obtain background information on the subject,
but have found very little, even after a search in Aquatic Sciences and
Fisheries Abstracts from 1988 to 1995. From general books it appears that
this phenomenon is rather frequent in the Indo-Pacific, however, we have
not found studies on the impact of these events on coral communities.

	I would greatly appreciate receiving any information that you
might have on the subject, particularly references to previous work.
Reprints would be particularly appreciated since here in Colombia we do
not have a good library system.

Thanks for any help,

Fernando A. Zapata

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