Clean Oceans '97

Carl M. Stepath sos at
Wed Mar 19 21:26:47 EST 1997

The Clean Oceans '97 Conference will not only feature great speakers and
knowledgeable scientists, it will also start Reef Check on Kauai, Hawaii.
Many scientists such as Dr.'s Maragos, Grigg, C. Hunter, Tissot, and
Friedlander will be leading teams of local divers on a coral reef
monitoring data collection and workshop.  For more information please
contact Save Our Seas or call 800-767-4100.  This workshop is open for
beginners to experts.

What a great way to celebrate Oceans Day and the International Year of the Reef!
Come join us if possible.

                                Carl M. Stepath
                         808-826-2525 / fax 826-7770

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