Seeking Info on storm damage on coral reefs and corals

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Thu Mar 20 14:25:06 EST 1997

Fong and Lirman (1995).  Hurricanes cause population Expansion of the branching coral Acropora palmata (Scleractinia): Wound healing and growth patterns of asexual recruits.  P.S.Z.N.I.: Marine Ecology 1(4):317-335.

Lirman and Fong (1996).  Patterns of damage to the branching coral Acropora palmata following hurricane Andrew: Damage and survivorship of Hurricane generated asexual recruits.  J. Coastal Res. 12(2):....

Lirman and Fong (1996).  Sequential storms cause zone-specific damage
on a reef in the northern Florida reef tract: Evidence from hurricane Andrew and the 1993 storm of the century.  Florida Scientist (59(1):50-64

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