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On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, PUT O. ANG wrote:

> We are developing some models on the effect of disturbance on corals and
> coral reefs and would appreciate knowing if you have information on the
> effect of storms.


> Thank you very much and please reply to my email address listed below:
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Dear Dr. Ang,

Below are most of the references ive found on the influence of tropical
cyclonic storms on coral reefs.  Youll find that most of the data is
qualitative or pre- and post-storm surveys of small areas.  After 12
years, David Stoddart's appeal for systematic, multiscale investigations
of hurricane effects has gone largely unheeded.  One reason for this is
perhaps demography: severe hurricanes are uncommon in areas with high
densities of marine biologists.  But I think that the greatest obstacle to
a better understanding of the biological effects of storms has been a
reluctance to learn the meteorology, wave modelling, physics, etc.  I
think the best work in this direction is by Terry Done and colleagues
(Done, various years; Massel and Done 1993; Done and Potts).



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