underwater tape recorder

Fernando Tempera tempera at dop.uac.pt
Mon Mar 24 11:51:57 EST 1997

Hi there,
I am a Portuguese student of Marine Biology from the University of Lisbon 
At the moment I am preparing the field work for my graduation thesis, which 
will focus on the fish assemblages occuring in five small marine areas 
(interesting for conservation) located in the archipelago of the Azores.
After reading several articles related to methods of  recording the 
information (species, number, size and sex of fishes observed) underwater I 
became very interested in using an Underwater Tape Recorder (UTR).
The problem is I cannot find any reference to where I could buy such device, 
how much it presently costs, which kind of breathing apparatus it requires, etc.
I have already tried several search engines in the internet and already 
contacted the authors of the articles where such device is used. However, 
till now I didn´t manage to get much information.
So if any of you have any information you find useful to me please let me know.
Besides this "commercial" problem I would also like hear from those of you 
who have already used such device. Please tell me about some good/bad 
experiences, recomendations, alerts, etc.
I will begin my field work within a couple of months so I do not have plenty 
of time to get the (UTR). 

I would be very thankful if any of you would be so kind to answer me as soon 
as possible, sending me as much  information as you can.

Thanks in advance.
Fernando Tempera

P.S.: Please reply to my E-mail address, which is <tempera at dop.uac.pt>

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