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Subject: Coral reef rept. publishers
Author:  Tom Schmidt <Tom_Schmidt at NPS.GOV> at NP--INTERNET
Date:    3/20/97 4:53 PM

     Greetings all!  I have recently completed a report on the scientific 
     studies (mostly reef-associated studies from the old Carnegie Tortugas 
     Marine lab) conducted at Dry Tortugas (National Park), Fl (An 
     annotated bibliography - 424 cites).  I would like to know if anyone 
     is aware of any potential publishers for this type of report with 
     color map(s) & several B&W photo's.  "Sedimenta" at RSMAS (Univ. of 
     Miami) has been suggested as a possibility...are there others?  If so 
     please contact me directly:   Many thanks!

     Tom Schmidt, Marine Biologist

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