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Mote Marine Laboratory's Pigeon Key Marine Research Center
1997 Course Update

Esther Peters' course,  Diseases of Corals and Other Reef Organisms
(16-23 August, 1997) has been filled although applications will be
accepted for wait listing. There is some space available in the other
courses (below) so the  deadline for applications has been extended until
18 April, 1997 (one-time only extension).

	Applied Research Methods in Carbonate Marine Geology
  		9-16 August, 1997
  		Douglas W. Haywick, Ph.D.,   University of South Alabama

	Ecology and Behavior of the Florida Spiny Lobster
  		9-16 August, 1997
  		Michael J. Childress, Ph.D.,     Idaho State University

	Ecophysiology of Tropical Marine Algae: Nutrient Dynamics
  		16-23 August, 1997
  		Brian LaPointe, Ph.D., Harbor   Branch Oceanographic Institution

The deadline for the following introductory level course remains the same
(8 May, 1997).

	Introduction to Underwater Archaeology  
		20-24 July, 1997
  		Diane Silvia Mueller, Cultural Resources

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